Your Thoughts Are Connected To Your Future. ሰዎች አዕምሮ ውስጥ ያለው ሀይል ከገባቸው በየመድረኩ የነብይ ነኝ የሚሉ ሰዎች መጫወቻ አይሆኑም

ብዙ ሰዎች በራሳቸው የራሳቸውን ህይወት እጣ ፋንታ ከመወሰን ይልቅ ለህይወታቸው ለጤናቸው ውሳኔ ነብይ ነን ከሚሉ ምሪት ሲፈልጉ ይታያል፤፤ ይህ ቪዲዮ የሰው ልጅ በራሱ ችሎታና ሃይሉን በመጠቀም ስለራሱ ለመወሰን የሚያስችሉትን እውቀቶች ያስተምራል:: ሙሉውን More videos የሚለውን በመጫን ይመልከቱ::
The brain is an organism, not a mechanical contraption – and, as a living thing, it can make adaptations to its own thinking mechanism based on experience. The more experience the human brain has, the smarter it gets. So far, at least, computers are not very good at doing that.

Others Leaving Experiences
These testimonies exposes the secret techniques cults will use to try and trick and control you. Cult leaders will not want you to read this, but read it anyway. Once you understand How Cults Work you will be better able to spot and avoid cult recruiters, and protect your family and friends.
Journey of a Former UPC Church- 3/12/03   Duane's Journey - 3/12/03
A Journey Out of the UPC- Lawrence "Buddy" Martin 4/19/2005 Patrick & Diane Massengale's UPC Experience- 5/11/00
Why I Left Legalistic Pentecostalism- Mary Combs 4/25/00 How I Left the Oneness Movement/UPC- Ricky Guthrie 7/20/99
My Journey- 12/3/99 Guy Malone's UPC Experience- 12/3/99
Jason Pound's Standards Experience- 11/13/06 A Lifelong UPC Woman's Experience II- 12/10/99
ECIC:-Dedicated to all Ethiopians that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief

UPC Lawsuit & News Media Experiences

Jordan Young, Faith Tabernacle Preacher & Singer Faces Sodomy Charges Edwin Young, Faith Tabernacle Pastor Resigns Amidst Scandal
Videos From A Former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member Nathan Dudley & Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church
Angela Driver's Slander Lawsuit Against UPC Pastor Mark Fogarty Sexual Abuse in United Pentecostal Churches
Rhonda Morrison's Slander Lawsuit Against UPC Pastor Ernest Bass Debra Worman & The Good-Life Pentecostal Church in York, Nebraska
Jason Scott's Deprogramming Lawsuit Robert Peterson Wins Custody of Children
Dedicated to all Ethiopians that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief. While we speak the truth in love, the cults speak love in lies.

Websites & Blogs of Former UPC/Apostolic Members

(Some of these are outside websites. Inclusion of these does not mean I endorse them all.)

Why I Left- Joshua Spiers, former UPC member A female former UPC member
Jason Pound- former UPC minister In Christ Alone- Bernie & Cheryl Gillespie, former UPC minister & wife
Mary- former UPC and Apostolic member Nancy- former UPC member & PK
Lynne Yohnk- former UPC minister's wife Recovering Pentecostal- Jenni, former UPC and Charismatic church member
Female former UPC member John LePage- former UPC member
Mark McNeil: Former UPC Minister Steps Taken: A Journey Out of the Wilderness- Female former UPC minister's wife
Confessional's Bytes: Jim Pierce, former UPC minister Former or Future Former United Pentecostals: Bill Iskra, former UPC member
It's About A Conversion Into Grace: One Woman's Blog Pastor Buddy's Journal- Blog of Buddy Martin, former UPC minister
Aaron Terrazas, former UPC member Near Emmaus: Blog of former UPC member, Brian LePort (& others)
Denise Snodgrass, former UPC member Joel Riley & Glen McGee, former UPC members
Robyn, former UPC member Ronna Russell, former UPC PK, daughter of Don Fisher
Daniel Lewis, Joseph Howell & Robin Wentworth, former UPC ministers/members Jon Eckenrod, former UPC minister
Bernie Gillespie, former UPC minister Paula Marlene Ryan, former UPC woman who was raped in a UPC Bible college


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