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“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and cults oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ―Thomas Jefferson እዚህ ይጫኑ

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Dedicated to all Ethiopians that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief. While we speak the truth in love, the cults speak love in lies.

ውድ ወገኖች: እናመሰግናችኌለን ምንም የማያውቅ ህዝባችን ፊት ይህንን የመናፍቃንና የጠይንቋዮች ደባቸውን በግልጽ ማውጣታችሁን ቀጥሉበት:: መናፍቃንና ጠይንቋዮች በጨለማ የሚሰሩት ስራቸውን እንደዚህ በአደባባይ መግለጥን የሚያክል የክርስትያን ስራ የለም :: የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ከእናንተ ጋር ነው:: ሞገስ ከአውስትራሊያ

Hallo ECIC, I am writing you to thank you for your continued research and information on this subject. I am newly converted Orthodox (Coptic/Tewahdo) and I do research on protestant history and why it is not healthy. If this could benefit you in any way please let me know as I will be more than willing to help you in any way possible. My wife is Ethiopian Orthodox and she was shocked when she seen some of the videos on your website. thank you so much and if I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me through email or telephone [ eluzai ]   

From susan lennox, I was actually looking through the internet to find a friend I knew years ago. He was a bishop in the United Pentecostal Church(UPC) Ethiopia, and we thought maybe he had left it. We are still with the UPC...so far...but God has opened my eyes to the control.

good job bro/sis, ur saving ethiopian ppl i really love wht u doing and i 100% support u God will pay u off for all ur hard work to save ur ppl keep it up ur saving a lot of ppl from all over the world, These cults are a blight on developing countries..they are swarming through africa and asia looking for the perfect photo oppurtunity..and its not about the people in those countries it about fund raising back in the US and in Australia.. I can hear the ministers with crocadile tears saying.."Donate more money to save more" bribing the poor to attend the meetings with the hope of a better life while all they get is a bunch camera crew swarming their country in a fund raising frenzy..good luck with you site. visit Youttube]

Hallo ECIC Ethiopians seems to understand the truth at the end. Thank you so much for spreading the truth about this destructive organization. I was in the Pentecostal church and subjected to its teachings for several years as a child and I can tell you now, as an adult, that those years were quite damaging. I have vivid memories of the worship�How individuals were spotted in the church and brought to the front for hours and hours of pressing until they �broke through�. Oftentimes, young children were submitted to yelling in their ears for hours, surrounded by adults that were �praying with them� in an effort to �get the Holy Ghost� those children hoarse and exhausted the next day from the �effort�. Absolutely ludicrous! We still have family members in the church and it has been very painful to watch them steadily decline. I wish there was something someone could do to rid the world of these destructive churches[ Carlos B]

From Mr. Phil0mind:- As an Ethiopian I really feel the pain and poverty that is going on in country. I believe one of the contributing factors for poverty is all these delusional religious individuals whose aim is to impose their imaginary loving god idea on to others. Its such a shame that we let some old foretell book control our life. I hope a day will come where male and female Ethiopian will apply logic in every aspect of their life. Thus, need no placebo effect of imagery god to reach their potential:

I commend the effort of ECIC, who further should be supported by Child protective services in Ethiopia if there is one in place good old jesuit ministry of ''chefinuna lamognachihu'' has landed Africa where it is now, 'NECH AMLAKINET' .....now we have child molester protestant / pente pastors/magicians, who scares the hell out of little innocent children and convicted child molester educators and homosexuals/ drug addicted NGOs which abound the streets of Addis...any one concerned?
[ T. concerned Ethiopian ]

Hi, I was looking at my Google dashboard and I saw that your site links back to my story about leaving the UPC. I wanted to commend you on your site (I really like it, and I have a couple of college friends who are Ethiopian and who were very adversely affected by the UPC 'revival' going on over there, but that's a story for another time and place). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the URL to "My Story" has changed. It is now Why I left . I'm also going to be adding a link back to your site if that's ok. God bless! [~ Josh Spiers]

I really don't have any words to explain my deep sorrow of what is being done to my people. I am dumbfounded. At the same time, min largachihu? You are doing such a GREAT work to tackle this spiritual challenge. I will fully cooperate with whatever I can. I will spread the news of the existence of this important website to my fellow friends in my Church - Medhanealem Orthodox Tewahido Church in Minnesota, USA.
Egziabiher yirdan!!!![M. GM]

I wanted to thank ECICs on behalf of the entire Family for all the work and effort it took to write this Seit. I am absolutely sure this Seit will go to ethiopians around the world, and one day be considered a classic,...it is a fireball of truth! ...Your dealing with the whole issue of Spritual Abuse! Thank ECICs, Thank You! [Sister Meseret, N.D USA]?.

God bless you for your hard illuminating work. Now that we have the ECIC web site the Menafiqan can not hide in darkness and mislead innocents! You are the arms of Ethiopia that is strecthing to her GOD! Thanks a zillion times. [ Selamawi ]

Hi, I like your website. I am a member of the expentecostals forum expentecostals.org and I also post videos exposing Pentecostal manipulation and abuse on youtube. You may be interested in this video, which I posted on youtube, but was removed after a copyright infringement claim was filed by Ex-Pentecostal-Letters Benny Hinn Ministries also failed faith healing video[Lemonndon Gabriel ]

All I want to say is what I have just seen is very scary. We Ethiopians are known being the first African country for accepting Christianity. The real Christianity (Orthodox Tewahedo). In this generation everything has turned up side down. I am very shocked by just going through the articles. I couldnt bare to watch the video. May God forgive us for disobeying his rules and for disappointing him. May God be with us to fight this crises.Amene [ B. Assefa]

I saw the videos and thank you for the wake up call. I hope many more Ethiopians are shocked with these sad pictures. There certainly appears to be child abuse involved here, and indeed, they are disturbing. In the Gospel of John 10: 11 - 13, it says: ?I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not a shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.?
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is today divided not with theological schism or religious dogma, but with ethnic and political motives. A new Papacy has been set up here in Diaspora by shepherds that abandoned the flock and fled. And this is what we find at home. When those who should shepherd the flock, motivated by greed and politics, break away and form their own church in Diaspora, what else can one expect? The wolves now devour the sheep! [G. E. Gorfu]

Thank you all. For helping us. the ethiopian gov. must stop by Low to stop Brain stealling. by hipnotizing the youth. that is creminal. to Program someone to become the Pastores Slave. the Pentecostals and alikes Sects are no better than Tamirat Geleta.! [Eyob]

There is a new cult springing up within Pentecostalism in Ethiopia that must be stopped, but up until now, there has not been much information on it. ECIC provides all the ammuniton needed to stop it. I recommend all Ethiopian Pentecostals to visit ECIC seit carefully. Then you need to decide whether you will continue to disobey the Word of God, or whether you will repent of following these false doctrines and make a clean break from all heresy." [Dr. Nigatu W/Gebriel M., Greec]more Visit:-     

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