Unlocking pentecostal fake healers part 2: ይህ ቪዲዮ የጴንጤ ፓስተሮች ህዝብን በየአዳራሹ ሂፕኖታይዝ አድርገው ለመጣል በአምልኮ ስም ሙዚቃንና የተለያዩ የሰውን ጭንቅላት ለተወሰነ ደቂቃ የሚያስቱ ሳይኮሎጂካል ቃላቶችና ማታለያ ሲስተሞችን ምንነት ያሳያል::
Mark Haville’s is an extraordinary story. Converted into the Pentecostal/Charismatic church he quickly came under the spell of the Word-Faith teaching of men like Kenneth Copeland. But things did not stay that way for Mark… Still in his mid-20’s, Mark became an itinerant minister travelling the country earning large sums of money through his ability to perform ‘signs and wonders’. Remarkably, he has renounced his former life, his beliefs, and his practices as a Word-Faith minister and is now speaking out boldly against the beliefs and practices of the current Signs and Wonders movement. click here Signs And Wonders Movement Exposed: THE VIDEO SERIES THAT EVERY CHRISTIAN MUST SEE!!!!!!!

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