👉 Demystifing Attaching Entities/Spirits Sneaky Psychological Tricks in Ethiopia!
በተለያየ መንገድ ሰዎች ህይወት ላይ የሚጣበቅ መንፈስ ሰዎችን ለማታለልና መጠቀሚያ ለማድረግ የሚጠቀምባቸው የሳይኮሎጂ ማታለያዎች:: 👇👇👇

ከታች የሚገኙትን ሳይንሳዊ ምክሮችና መፍትሔዎች ማወቅ ብዙ ሺ ኢትዮጵያውያኖችን በየጸበሉና ሆስፒታል መጫወቻ ከመሆን ያተርፋል:: The following is a listing of the common patterns these voices run:

1. NEGATIVITY: The most common and consistent trait of the schizophrenic voices is that they are consistently negative, derogatory, insulting, abusive and destructive. Although they may seem to be positive helpers for short periods they invariably turn on their victims once they gain their trust and begin attacking and telling them awful things about themselves and others.
2. ANTI-RELIGIOUS: The voices are consistently anti-religious. They resist their victim attending church, reading the Bible or following any other positive spiritual path. They become volatile if the patient repeats the 23rd Psalm, the Lord’s Prayer or other positive spiritual verses. One patient reported the voices reacted to the repetition of the 23rd Psalm like worms thrown onto a hot frying pan. Why would a hallucination consistently oppose religion?
3. FOSTER AND CREATE NEGATIVE EMOTION: The voices consistently work toward the creation of a prolonged negative emotional state in their victims including anger, anxiety, paranoia, guilt and shame. They do this through the insertion of negative thoughts about self and others into the thought stream of their victims or telling them to do things that will get them in trouble with others.
4. ENERGETICALLY DRAIN VICTIMS: After the voices attack, schizophrenics commonly report being severely energetically drained. After these attacks, victims report feeling as tired and lethargic as if they have been digging ditches in the hot sun all day. This is despite the fact that they had not done any significant physical work. Several patients reported they could feel their energy being drained during these attacks.
5. THEY GET LOUDER AFTER SUNSET: Strangely, the voices consistently get louder and more prolonged after sunset becoming most intense between 3 and 4 am in the morning.
6. THE VOICES GET LOUDER WHEN IGNORED: One of psychiatry’s common recommendations to their patients is to ignore the voices they hear. If they were to take the time to follow up with their own recommendations their patients would make it clear that when any attempt is made to ignore the voices they get louder.
7. FOSTER SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: The voices consistently advise their victim to behave in self-destructive ways that increase conflict, turmoil and suffering. They sabotage any positive movement on the part of the patient. The intent of the voices is very different from the intent of their victim’s for themselves.
8. FOSTER ISOLATION: The voices insert negative, paranoid and destructive thoughts into the thought stream of their victim. These thoughts often consist of lies such as people are talking behind their backs or plotting against them. One of their goals is to destroy marriages and positive relationships with friends and others. The ultimate aim of the voices is to get the victim to shut out all others and isolate themselves to eliminate any interference from others who attempt to help the victim.
9. DEMAND THE ATTENTION OF VICTIMS: The voices constantly work toward controlling the attention of their victims to increase their control over the victim. They constantly maneuver in a myriad of ways to snag and command the attention of their victim then direct them to behave in a negative, self-defeating, destructive manner.
10. MANOUVER FOR INCREASED CONTROL OVER VICTIMS: The voices steadily battle for increasing control over the individuals mind and actions.
11. GASLIGHTING: The voices are capable of gas lighting, causing their victims to doubt their sanity through the use of psychological manipulation.
12. MANIPULATING PERCEPTION: The voices are capable of causing their victims to interpret situations and information coming in from the environment wrongly to increase negative emotion. For instance a schizophrenic may see a police car drive by their house and the voices immediately jump in and tell the victim the police are searching for them for some fabricated up crime.
13. THEY HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS TO THE SCHIZOPHRENICS’ MEMORY: Strangely, the voices have complete access to their victim’s entire memory. They utilize this ability to pull up every negative and guilt-ridden behavior the individual has ever done or experienced. They then rub these shameful behaviors in their faces telling them what while striving to generate the negative emotional energy on which they feed. Several patients have reported that their voices have dredged up negative things they had done decades prior and had long forgotten.
14. DEMAND THE VICTIM NOT TELL OTHERS ABOUT THEIR PRESENCE: The voices warn their victim not to speak to others about them or what they say to them, warning that if they do, others will think they are crazy and they will be shunned or locked up. If the victim has someone they trust who is willing to listen this dissipates the negative emotional state.
15. STUNNED BY SHOCK OF SNAPPING A RUBBER BAND ON WRIST: Once the voices increase in strength they dominate the thought stream of their victim, the victim must take action to disrupt this process. It has been found that putting a rubber band on the patient’s wrist and snapping it hard stuns the voices into a short temporary silence allowing space for the victim to repeat the 23rd Psalm or implement procedures designed to weaken and short-circuit the voices.
16. THE VOICES ARE CONSUMMATE LIARS AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO KEEP ANY BARGAIN MADE WITH THEIR VICTIM: They are masters of deceit, lies and deception. For example they told one psychiatric patient they had been incessantly tormenting that if he poked out an eye they would leave forever. After he had poked out an eye and disfigured himself for life they returned to laugh at him for being so stupid as to trust them. The voices will use a constant stream of deceptive and upsetting lies to manipulate the perception of their victim in a negative manner to generate negative emotional energy.
17. THE VOICES GET LOUDER WHEN IGNORED: One of the most common pieces of advice psychiatrists tell their patients with regard as to how to handle the voices is to ignore them. If they were to take the time to follow up their recommendation they discover that when the voices are ignored they consistently got louder. In most cases anti-psychotic medications might quiet them down but seldom shut them up.
18. THE VOICES CONSISTENTLY STEER THEIR VICTIM AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT MIGHT GENERATE JOY: They drive the victim away from any positive activity that might make them feel good about themselves. They will make the victim forget good memories and concentrate on bad ones.
19. THE VOICES CAN MANIPULATE FEELING WITHOUT SPEAKING: The voices can move in and make the victim feel bad without any noticeable cause. If they can prolong this negative state it darkens the victim’s world and incites negative thinking.
20. SHORT CIRCUITING OF REASON: The voices short circuit reason by urging a negative knee jerk reaction to stressors or perceived slights often seriously damaging relationships. The voices jump on and take advantage of anything that goes wrong in the victim’s life to feed and inflame the situation to keep their victim focused on the negative situation.
21. BOREDOM IS BAD: If the victim allows themselves to become bored, the voices will quickly move in, fill the void and destructively dominate their victim’s thought processes.
22. THE VOICES TRY TO PASS THEMSELVES OFF AS THOUGHTS BELONGING TO THE VICTIM: The voices disguise themselves as their victim’s thoughts making it difficult to identify them as an enemy. They often sound just like the thousands of others of thoughts that appear in the patient’s mind daily but their intent is to drive their victim in a negative direction. Many patients who have asked their voices “Who are you?” The response they were given was, “We are you.” One of the most effective ways of ferreting out which thoughts are the victims from those inserted by the voices is for the victim to ferret out their personal intent from that of the voices. The intent of the patient for themselves is significantly different and often more positive than the intent of their voices.
23. SELECTIVE FORGETTING: The voices make their victims forget to use or take for granted the tools designed to oppose and weaken them diverting their victim’s attention away from any therapeutic activity designed to oppose and weaken the voices including forgetting to take their medications and keeping appointments.
24. FILL THE VICTIMS MIND WITH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT SELF AND OTHERS: The voices consistently fill their victim’s heads with negative thoughts about self and others. They will tell the victim that others are talking behind their backs, plotting against them and can’t be trusted. They will cause the victim to be drawn to negative violent movies or murder mysteries etc.
25. DESTRUCTION OF POSITIVE SELF CONCEPT: The voices will consistently attempt to convince their victims that they are stupid, ugly, worthless, unlovable, a burden on others and that everyone would be better off if they were not around. If they succeed in this they will often move on to telling the victim to do everyone a favor and kill themselves. Schizophrenics have a suicide rate three to five times that of the general population.
26. THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO PULL THEIR VICTIM AWAY FROM CONSENUAL REALITY: The voices will constantly attempt to pull their victim away from consensual reality and into their negative hellish world of lies and deception. They will warp and distort the victim’s perception causing the victim to interpret situations in the most negative manner possible.
27. THE VOICES USE CONFUSION AS A MEANS OF INSTILLING NEGATIVE SUGGESTIONS. It can clearly be seen that the voices take advantage of the confusion to instill negative suggestions. With the fostering of massive confusion, the victim begins doubting his own ability to interpret reality. The voices are more than willing to insert theirs. The human doesn’t like confusion and would rather latch onto the misguided information of the voices.
28. AVERSION TO ANYTHING POSITIVE OR BEAUTIFUL: The voices have a distinct aversion to anything positive or beautiful and distract or drive the victim away from joy or any positive endeavor. They do not want their victim to enjoy life.

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